Software Development Process

Requirements change during a project? This is normal.

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Our Results Are Based On Your Exact Business Needs

Before moving forward with your project, we invite you to discuss your requirements with us as we listen and ask questions. During this stage, our objective is to learn more about your business and your needs in order to gauge whether Fogsoft is the right fit. If we feel we can be of assistance, we will consult with you regarding an initial proposal.

Our proposal will serve as a big-picture overview of your project, complete with an estimate of the timeline and price. We take historical data, our input and your initial project requirements to configure a cost projection. As we continue to learn more about your needs, we can then drill down on our quote to make it much more accurate. Contact us to learn more about our consulting process.


Research, Design & Planning. We don’t use software jargon. We speak in real English.

We get started on your project far ahead of even writing any code. Certainly, coding is comprised of various languages-none of which are necessary at this point in our process. Right now, we want to focus on your needs, potential opportunities, risk assessments and your measurement for ROI. How do you determine success?

We enjoy this collaborative process, as we start the sketching and workflow planning stage. What’s the best part? We communicate in real English. Once we are on the same page, and have agreed on your preferred solution, we will convey the necessary features to support your application. From that point, we will have the ability to produce a much more accurate schedule and cost quote for your entire project.


Setting of technical
parameters for a client

This phase starts with the introduction of an account manager. The next step is the installation of hardware and software for the client. This lets the client see a prototype of the developed software product.

While monitoring the progress of the work and analyzing versions of the product, our specialists also look for areas of improvement on the initial plan and make the necessary modifications of the technical specifications or the target product.

Over the years, we have accumulated a significant amount of libraries, modules and subsystems, which can be used in the system being created. The use of these accumulated results significantly reduces the time and cost of development and improves the quality of the system through the use of proven components.


Building your application.

Our core focus is creating usable software that is both maintainable and extensible. We start with only the most critical features and deliver true benefits at the earliest stages of the process. Instead of building the entire project at once, we create it in incremental blocks to ensure each feature is tested and functioning properly.

During each phase, we add new benefits to ensure an overall successful application. In fact, our main priority is to ensure your software is thoughtfully-designed and completely tested.



Our quality assurance team engages with the project during its early stages, along with our development team. We plan, and then select the most appropriate testing methods. With most of our projects, we use several approaches to testing, including automated unit test functional tests, and of course, manual testing.

After that, we install the test version of the software product in a test area, where the software is tested by the future users. At this stage, it is very important to involve the client’s representatives— this helps us to have a deep understanding of the wishes of real users before putting a final product into operation.


Transfer and deployment of the product

After completing all phases of testing, the product is then deemed stable and launched. The product is deployed on the the customer’s site to begin the trials.



These are standard documents that we develop this User’s Guide and Administrator’s Guide. At the client’s request, we can prepare a detailed video manual regarding using the product and other materials.


Trial operation

The client can now begin full operation of the developed solution. We also note the comments and suggestions expressed by the client and requests from end users. Furthermore, we analyze them and discuss them with the client to determine what is necessary and what is superfluous. Once this phase is completed, the product will be ready for commercial operation.


Commercial operation

All the steps above are designed to provide a comfortable client experience and engagement with the end product. Yet, we continually support the work of the client. We do so first under the warranty and then within our contract support terms.


Support and modernization.

Get ready to be amazed.

You hired us to improve your ROI and make a profit.

Unless we have a first release, the software isn’t really doing anything. To get to that profitable first launch, we help you figure out the most efficient licensing, hosting and distribution system for your custom application.

What do we want to do? We want to ensure your software is hosted correctly and deployed without any issues–this will be the case whether it is dedicated, shared, internal or through the cloud.

We don’t leave you hanging.

Based on your needs, we can provide the staff and technical expertise to maintain and extend your software. Since we have a wide swath of experience, we are able to get things done correctly the first time so that your costs are kept low. We are proud of our ability to become your long-term partner.

Keeping it simple.

We certainly keep all of your project’s facets in a version control system. Our tested backup procedure follows only the most rigorous standards. In addition, we store our backups offsite and locally-an essential in the event of an unexpected natural or man-made disaster.

At every modification, our continuous integration servers are always monitoring your application to ensure it is continually tested along the way.

Development Cost

To us, “cost-effective” is more than something we say to attract prospective customers—it is an ideal to strive for. Now, we don’t claim to offer the lowest hourly rate or average cost on the market—there will always be a cheaper vendor than us—but what we do claim is this: you will not find any top-rated software companies on the market with better rates than us, guaranteed

(Seriously, we guarantee it—all fixed price projects come with a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.)