Fogsoft is a leader in the development systems for conducting online auctions related to the buying and selling of goods and services.

Online Auction Software

Using the auction software for purchases allows businesses and governments to save significant amounts of money and time. Auction software is the best way to sell unique goods. A double counter auction can be used to buy and sell standard goods in a broad market of sellers and buyers at a market price.

After the integration of the private e-Auction solution into the business processes of an organization, you can build an open and reliable system, allowing participants to compete fairly and instantly receive all the required information.

Our experience in the development of e-Tendering Platforms for our customers conveys a high ROI for these solutions.

Электронная торговая площадка iTender

Basic types of auctions, also available in the off-the-shelf versions of the trading platforms

We can modify any trading procedure or add new ones in accordance with customer requirements.
  • English auction
  • Dutch auction
  • Blind auction
  • Vickrey auction
  • Reverse auction
  • Multi-unit auction
  • All-pay auction
  • Auction by the candle
  • Bidding fee auction
  • Buyout auction
  • Combinatorial auction
  • and much more


Auction software by Fogsoft, can be deployed through the Windows Server in conjunction with SQL Server DBMS by Microsoft.

Microsoft Windows ServerMicrosoft SQL Server

The second option is to deploy it on a free Linux-based free open source OS, in conjunction with PostgreSQL DBMS.

Ubuntu LinuxPostgreSQL

The second option allows the customer to save money on the purchase of licenses.

Support for all popular
browsers and OSs

Customers of the electronic trading platform , based on Fogsoft’s solution, can participate in e-auctions using a digital signature , within the following web browsers:

ChromeInternet ExplorerFirefox Safari OperaЯндекс Браузер

Supported Operation Systems:

Windows Linux Apple MacOS

Modular architecture

Benefits of using auction software designed by Fogsoft for creating your own trading platform.

The system consists of many modules, and each customized solution for each particular customer is constructed through the modules.

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