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Polemical essays are essays that strongly support one side of an argument.

Essay Types: From Personal to Public

A medium to tell a story, and a written record of individual and national histories since the 16th century, essays have served as a means of connection: a way to persuade others to a certain perspective. The phrase “essay” originates from the essai that are french meaning an effort or an endeavor, which speaks to your flexibility associated with the form in both delivery and outcomes. The essay itself is a thought experiment that may employ a variety of lengths, styles, and genres, including political, personal, humorous, and historical approaches. Further, a essay that is well-written evoke an assortment of emotions or reactions. These works, often short yet profoundly poignant, have the charged capacity to make readers laugh, cry, think, or change their opinions or actions. Perhaps the delivery platforms are versatile—essays are published in journals and newspapers, anthologies and collections, blogs and website pages, and much more. (more…)

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