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We empower our clients to stay ahead in our digitally connected world.

Facts and Numbers


With over 90 loyal clients, our goal is the same as yours. If you are not satisfied, neither are we.

SINCE 2005

We revel in the fact that we bring both experience and expertise to the table. We are no longer the new kids on the block, we have evolved along with the software and technology we develop.


All of our teams are comprised of in-house, full-time developers. 100% of our developers have Master degree and over 3 years experience. 60% of our developers have over 8 years experience. This is why we can proudly back all of our claims and services.

Fogsoft services and solutions have helped millions of users across the globe

The Company

We offer transformative digital solutions. This isn’t just a claim, we base our statement on pure evidence and results. Founded in 2005, we are proud of being ISO9001 certified. Our solutions have been deployed in 12 countries worldwide. Not to mention, we can deliver both updates to existing business process are create something entirely new.

From our IT consulting services to our custom software solutions, what matters to us most is your long-term fulfillment. With our full spectrum of customized software services, we are dedicated and ready to take on projects and requests of all sizes.

Plus, we communicate openly and maintain accessibility both during and after project completion. Our testimonials come from your satisfied results.

Work Principles

A client is a long-term partner

We are in this for the long haul. We are not a company based on one-off projects. We believe in your software, build it as if it were our very own and want to take part in the process of maintaining and updating it as needed. We are able to support you every step of the way–plus, we want to. And, even if the process seems highly complex, we know exactly how to put it in both simple and useful terms.


The modern marketplace is continuously evolving. We understand that changes are necessary and will come. This is why we have already placed every option in place to accommodate any unexpected changes, even after development is started. In the end, your success is our success.


Our motto is simply this: “When the client is happy, we are happy.” As a result, we offer a warranty, any necessary upgrades and robust support to ensure your application is functioning and lasting, based on your expressed needs.


As your long-term partner, we truly believe open-ended communication is a major key to success. If you need us, we can be available 24/7. Globalization is our friend, and we are here for you.

Optima Grupa Manufacturing and trading of petroleum and petroleum products)

The experience of the “Fogsoft” company, the applied technologies and approaches in the work, allowed to complete the development and implementation of electronic trading platforms on time and accordingly with the guidelines of the “Optima Grupa”.

In addition, the system was supposed to be multilingual (for Serbian, Croatian, Russian, English languages) and support multicurrency: and accounting needed in the Bosnian convertible mark, dollars and euros.

Sberbank (Bank services over 135 million customers in 22 countries)

“Diasoft” company expresses gratitude for the joint work on the development project of the automated banking systems for Sberbank of Russia. The implemented project was aimed to improve IT solutions to Sberbank and its branches.

Specialists of the “Fogsoft” company participated in the implementation of tasks on such subsystems as the deposits and bank cards processing module.

We are satisfied with the quality of services provided to us by “Fogsoft”, and by the the whole cooperation process. “Fogsoft” has confirmed their ability to solve complex problems.

Rosatom (State Nuclear Energy Corporation)

The procurement unit of the corporation should analyze quite a large amount of information to ensure qualitative execution of the obligations by the performers and minimize the risk of signing contracts with unscrupulous suppliers. This is a very time-consuming, since the number of negotiated and monitored contracts (and thus the amount of the vendors) is measured in dozens of thousands.

The business reputation index calculation system of the state corporation “Rosatom” is a public information resource which presents data about the organizations that have committed negligent performance of their contractual obligations to customers. This system saves time and avoids mistakes in procurement procedures.

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