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Since 2005

Fogsoft has been developing eProcurement Management Systems, Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), project management systems and innovation environment support systems since 2005. Our solutions are used by small businesses with 30-employees as well as by large enterprises employing tens of thousands people. Our customers are Russian and foreign companies, government agencies and commercial organizations.

Our solutions
around the world

Our solutions are working in 12 countries, including the largest European bank, utility companies and the stock exchanges in Russia, the largest trade union (the hotel business) in New York (USA) whose recommendation you have read on the first page.

E-procurement systems

The first version of our electronic procurement system iTender was developed in 2008 for carrying out federal government purchases. Since then the Fogsoft Company has traveled a long way, and at the moment has ready-made solutions for automation of purchasing activities in various spheres of business.

Online auction software

Automation of online auctions processes is Fogsoft’s key line of activity. For several years, Fogsoft has taken leading positions in the market of electronic procurement system developers and is an expert in the field of electronic auctions in Russia and the world. On the whole, Fogsoft has completed more than 100 projects implementing electronic auction systems in various areas of business and industry.

Information Management Systems

Our company has developed and introduced the Information Management System for the largest New York trade union of the Hotel Industry. The New York Hotel Trades Council and Hotel Association of New York City, Inc. Employee Benefit Funds (the “Funds”) are a group of Funds that provides benefits to employees and their families who work in the Hotel Industry in New York City.

Solution for uninterrupted business operation

When your IT infrastructure fails, SpareSync will guarantee uninterrupted business operation. SpareSync performs two main functions: data synchronization from the primary to the secondary server, and monitoring of the primary server by using the secondary one.

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