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How to improve your procurement in 3 steps

Let’s have a look at the purchases of your company, are you really satisfied with them?

Automated procurement management is an important issue for small, medium and large businesses. Modern, properly designed procurement software significantly reduce costs due to the introduction of competitive procedures.

The first step of your procurement improving is

Getting the best conditions from suppliers for purchased goods and services.

The electronic method of procurement allows you to create the most efficient and transparent competitive environment. You involve the maximum quantity of suppliers in order to provide you the best prices and conditions of supply. Trade participants can bid from anywhere in the world, during the competitive trade session, the cost of the delivered goods or services, as a rule, falls to 7-40%!

The next step for building the best procurement environment for you is

Reducing dependence from current suppliers and attracting new ones.

A key element in the development of purchasing process of the company is the constant search for new suppliers with the best goods or/and services and financial conditions. E-procurement system is an effective solution to attract new suppliers and to expand the geography of cooperation.

The third step for your outstanding procurement is

Reduction of labor costs for the organization of procurement procedures.

Implementation of an automated procurement management system can significantly reduce labor costs.

Automate workflow and basic tendering procedures simplifies the management of the procurement process and decreases your costs of errors and handwork overhead. The three steps of your procurement improving are just a part of the benefits campaign.

What else automated procurement management system enables you to achieve?

Manage and control sourcing and procurement of your business

Create and process auctions and variety of other complex procurement procedures

Decrease your costs of errors and handwork overheadManage and control sourcing and procurement of your business

Automated procurement management system best suits you when

Your company size is over 30 employees and turnover is more than $1M

You expect to increase control over procurement

You feel the need to find new suppliers and move your current business-partner relationships to a higher level

Benefits for CEO, CIO, CFO, business owners

Complete control over procurement

Better prices, lower costs (usually by 10-30 %!)

Profit up and operational costs down

Setup standards for your processes and reporting

Faster procurement and operational resources turnover

Our partners report that automating their purchasing systems by using our e-procurement software helped them to bring their administrative costs down by up to 40%.

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Our experts help you to develop and to optimize your procurement system. We have accumulated vast experience in the optimization of procurement processes, and custom software development, integrating procurement software into ERP systems to companies of all sizes, from small businesses to government corporations.

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