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E-procurement, Reverse auction & Supplier relationship management software

E-procurement software. We create effective systems for the procurement automation

Automated procurement management is an important issue for small, medium and large businesses and government agencies. Modern, properly designed procurement software significantly reduce costs due to the introduction of competitive procedures. E-procurement automation significantly improves the profitability of business, based on the following criteria’s:

1. Getting the best conditions from suppliers for purchased goods and services

Trade participants can bid from anywhere in the world. During the trade procedure, the cost of the delivered goods or services, as a rule, falls to 7-30%!

The electronic method of procurement allows you to create the most efficient and transparent competitive environment. You attract the maximum quantity of suppliers in order to provide you the best prices and conditions of supply.

2. Reducing dependence from current suppliers and attracting new ones

A key element in the development of purchasing process of the company is the constant search for new suppliers with the best goods or/and services and financial conditions. E-procurement system is an effective solution to attract new suppliers and to expand the geography of cooperation.

3. Reduction of labor costs for the organization of procurement procedures

Implementation of an automated procurement management system can significantly reduce labor costs.

Automate workflow and basic tendering procedures simplifies the management of the procurement process and decreases your costs of errors and handwork overhead.

Our partners report that automating their purchasing systems by using our e-procurement software helped them to bring their administrative costs down by up to 30%.

Learn how to optimize your company's purchases right now!

Our experts can help you to develop and to optimize your procurement system. We have accumulated vast experience in the optimization of procurement processes, and custom software development, integrating procurement software to companies of all sizes, from small businesses to government corporations.

We guarantee a response to every request within 12 hours!

Corporate electronic trading platforms allow businesses to save significant amounts of money and time. With electronic trading platform (eAuctioning system), you can build a completely open and reliable system that allows participants to receive all the necessary information.

You cut your costs for procurement, if your suppliers compete for your deals. Reverse auction procurement is an electronic procedure that occurs in the corporate online marketplace where suppliers bid and then re-bid until the price will not fall as much as possible.

What gives business procurement via reverse auction?

The buyer can be sure that it concludes a bargain in one case only if it involves a sufficient number of suppliers to compete (compete for your business). Competition is the key factor that allows us to conclude the deal beneficial to both parties. With the help of reverse auction software from Fogsoft, business can arrange a competition between suppliers, inviting them to the corporate marketplace.

The reverse auction process has been implemented by many organizations, producing buying and cooperating with a large number of suppliers. E-procurement systems can be both the main and auxiliary for the procurement tool to simplify the administration of the process and to automate most of the steps in manually sourcing process. Conduct procurement through auction process to reduce the price up to 30%, and in some cases even more.

Reverse auctions should be part of a well-designed procurement sourcing strategy. This allows the company to significantly reduce prices for goods and services procured.

Ask for a presentation of reverse auction and/or procurement system, developed by Fogsoft.

Our clients

Automation of purchasing processes is Fogsoft’s key line of activity. For several years, Fogsoft has taken leading positions in the market of electronic procurement system developers and is an expert in the field of electronic auctions in Russia and the world. On the whole, Fogsoft has completed more than 100 projects implementing electronic auction systems in various areas of business and industry.

The geographic spread of our projects for automation of purchasing activities is extremely extensive. Electronic procurement systems on the "iTender" platform have been successfully implemented and are used by our clients across Russia, from Krasnodar to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, and also in the FSU states.

S.A. Kochin, Deputy Director General OJSC Moscow Heat Distribution Company, says: «OJSC Moscow Heat Distribution Company expresses its gratitude to Fogsoft for successful work on development and implementation of the electronic procurement system...

As a result, OJSC Moscow Heat Distribution Company has a powerful hardware-software system allowing us to successfully solve the entire set of problems connected with trading procedures to meet the needs of our company.»

Some examples of successful experiences with implementing our product

Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company

FUSE Russian TV and Radio Broadcasting Network

UMC Far Eastern Power Company

OJSC "Moscow Waterworks" the biggest water company in Russia

Optima Group the Limited Liability Company for manufacturing and trading of petroleum and petroleum products «NeftegazInCor»

North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk

OJSC "Centr realizatsii", Moscow

Support of implemented solutions

We at Fogsoft fully understand that to develop and introduce the solution for the client is only the beginning of the path. The purchasing activity automation system is a sophisticated hardware and software package. We are ready to offer our clients varying levels of support to ensure maximum success in operation of the given package.

Our approach is to give more

We create software that works better than it was intended. Fogsoft started out in 2005 and the company has completed over 100 medium and large-scale projects with the implementation timeframe ranging from 3 months to 4 years. We have completed all of our projects successfully.

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