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Long-term outsourcing partner

If you are looking for a software development company with over a decade of development experience that is capable of quickly and efficiently solving complex problems using the latest technology and development approaches, Fogsoft can meet your needs as a reliable long-term outsourcing partner.

More than 10 years of experience

Fogsoft has more than ten years of experience in custom application development and the creation of corporate products. We have successfully completed more than 100 medium-sized and large projects involving both the development of custom automation systems and the implementation of off-the-shelf solutions.

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Finding the Optimal Solution to the Problem

The final cost, speed of development/implementation, and cost of supporting and improving your IT solution in the future will largely depend on how efficient the survey and planning of development tasks is at the initial stages of the project. Our extensive experience, steadfast monitoring of innovation, implementation of new technologies and development patterns help us pinpoint the optimal way to solve any client's problem.

Effective Organization of Operations

Our extensive hands-on experience in the development and implementation of software products helps us focus exclusively on only the most effective and reliable project management methods. We offer nothing but the highest quality management of development processes, including the agile methodology to make each stage transparent for the client.

Strict Control at All Stages

We see our main task as ensuring our products; application architecture and code of developed IT solutions are of the highest quality. Fogsoft has a special department specializing in multi-level code quality control, load testing and auditing.

Permanent support of the customers

Based on an established feedback we provide all functionality improvements, introduce additional options and entire program blocks within the shortest possible timeframe.

Our Competitive Advantages

Unique Experience in the Development of E-Procurement Systems

Unique Experience in the Development of E-Procurement Systems

We truly have unique business experience when it comes to the development of e-procurement systems. For several years now Fogsoft has held the leading market position among developers of e-procurement platforms, and the company is considered an expert in e-procurement in Russia.

We have developed and implemented more than 100 systems to automate trade and procurement procedures for companies operating in various areas. Currently, we provide support for dozens of clients by continuously modifying and improving their systems based on operation testing by thousands of users since 2005.

Experienced Team of Professionals

Experienced Team of Professionals

Fogsoft in large part owes its current success to the company's employees, who turn their complex and interesting ideas into brilliant solutions for medium-sized and large businesses every day.

Every last one of the company's developers have specialized higher education and are constantly improving their skills. As our team continues to grow, we pay very careful attention to our selection process for new employees. The key specialists at Fogsoft are recognized experts with decades of experience in major international companies.

Attractive Development Prices

Attractive Development Prices

Why is collaborating with a CIS-based outsourcing software development company more relevant now than ever before?

One peek at the results of the annual World Finals Champions - The ACM-ICPC International from recent years is enough to prove the elite level of training received by Russian IT specialists. Teams from Russia make up about 50% of the corresponding TOP 10 list. For the second year in a row, the winners of this high-profile event have also been teams from Russia.

Only a year ago, developers from India and Asia could compete with Russian developers in terms of prices, despite the fact that their skills and qualifications often left much to be desired, and any benefits of their low prices were completely undercut by the quality of development and an inability to ensure comprehensive growth and improvements to the product created. Unfortunately, customers quite often only became aware with time after development was finished.

The decline of the Russian ruble against major world currencies (about a twofold drop from 2014 – 2015) opened up tremendous opportunities for Western customers. In these conditions there is an excellent opportunity to outsource a portion or the full cycle of development processes for companies based in Russia, which provides access to highly qualified IT specialists capable of developing world class enterprise-level software products.

Experience with Large US Companies

Experience with Large US Companies

One of our large-scale projects is the development of an automated system for The Employee Benefit Funds of the largest New York hotel workers union (USA). The Employee Benefit Funds consists of 1,100 employees, provides benefits to more than 85,000 union members, generates an annual income of more than $250M, and manages five medical centers. Their solution includes over 30 different modules ranging from finance, membership contributions, insurance and pension accruals, to interacting with major global hotel chains.

The project, which lasted more than three years, also involved the automation of all information sharing, contracting and payment processes with participating organizations and more than 60,000 of their employees.

According to our international colleagues, the system is now an indispensable tool in the operations of union employees, management, participating organizations and union members.

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