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Automated project management

What do you need first when something in your projects goes wrong? Plans violated and terms expired… Do you want to have a kind of Big Alarm Button (BAB) for your projects?

Benefits of automated project management

  • Project scope control

  • Project cost management and control

  • Clear understanding of the project and its timeline

  • Accurate status assessment

  • Risk management

  • Easy to work with the team
This unique feature embedded in our automated project management system that we propose to you.

Just imagine how BAB shows you the status and overall wellbeing of the project. You control as many projects as you need in one system. Projects are structured and strictly scheduled. You do not need to spend a lot of time to nd any tasks in your projects; they sorted in order to save your time and efforts.

Organize project teamwork within your company, assign roles and tasks to project participants and control their results.

Create project documents from templates and share them with your colleagues, partners, and clients by cloud.

Report and track statistics to share with the management.

Control project status and identify deviations from the work plan.

When the project is on track, the BAB will be green. If something goes wrong, the Button will alarm you (PC, cell phone, congurable). With our automated project management system, you can feel safe and secure about your projects.

Today, successful project work for any company is impossible without the use of information technologies. Choose the right software with us, FogSoft. Our company has 10 years of experience in creation of ready-made, packaged solutions, and custom software development solutions.

Our experts help you to make the best decision, which is the most fully meet your Project Management needs.

Our Clients report that automating their processes by using our solutions helped them to bring their administrative costs down by up to 40%.

Our solutions used by small businesses with 10 employees as well as by large enterprises with tens of thousands of people.

Our goal is to help you and your company become more ecient, cut unnecessary costs and increase business value.

Our Company helps you to reach your full potential by developing and supporting custom build software through:

  • Enterprise analysis and discovery sessions to assess business needs

  • Planning and Requirements gathering to rene the details

  • Building a solution that ts the need best

  • Thorough multistage testing

  • Risk management Pilot launch and dry runs

  • Continuous support
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