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Our customers

Fogsoft develops online trading systems, Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), project management systems and innovation environment support systems. Our solutions are used by small businesses with 30- employees as well as by large enterprises employing tens of thousands people. Our customers are Russian and foreign companies, government agencies and commercial organizations.

Our solutions around the world

Our solutions are working in 12 countries, including the largest European bank, utility companies and the stock exchanges in Russia, the largest trade union (the hotel business) in New York (USA) whose recommendation you have read on the first page.

The result exceeds expectations

If you are the head of a small dynamic enterprise or of a large global holding then you want to reach maximum automation of business processes possible using your software solutions. We develop such products. When we develop products our approach is to give more than was initially planned.

Our approach is to give more

We create software that works better than it was intended. Fogsoft started out in 2005 and the company has completed over 100 medium and large-scale projects with the implementation timeframe ranging from 3 months to 4 years. We have completed all of our projects successfully.

If standards are too tight for you

Imagine that you have an idea to make something brand new that does not yet exist, as there were no electronic workflows and e-shops some time ago. You can start within your company or create a new division or even a new business.

Lets you have a small business with 10 employees. You have probably thought that you need a product that would take the nature of your business into account, your processes, and would not involve hundreds of options that you won’t be able to use.

Lets you work in a large company with 500 to 50000 employees, but standard software simply does not suit all the processes practiced in the company.

During the pre-project survey our experts help choose the best solution and determine what the tasks are and how should they be solved by the software. If during development it turns out that due to small adjustments the system can be significantly improved then in many cases we do this within the same budget and project deadlines. Our approach at Fogsoft is to give the customer much more than what is expected. We guarantee implementing products of high quality and a strict adherence to the deadlines.

Rapid implementation of the ideas. Upgrading ASAP

As a rule we develop individual software based on the following algorithm:

- Getting to know customer’s enterprise and making preliminary specifications.

- Setup and implementation of basic product services and features.

- Multistage testing, first using special systems, then by our quality assurance team and finally by the employees of the client company.

- Pilot operation when the client tests a real product in its day-to-day usage and suggests changes and final improvements.

- Launch of commercial operation. We provide the most comfortable environment for a new way of working.

- Support of the solution.

Examples of our projects and solution

Collaborative eCommerce Network iTender

We have created an extensively used iTender platform for automating trading and purchasing operations and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM). Today there are more than 50 successfully working iTender eCommerce solutions in Russia and Ukraine.

Automated banking systems for Sberbank of Russia

Working with Diasoft, we have completed a full reengineering of automated banking systems for Sberbank of Russia. As part of this project, we automated the full cycle of servicing accounts and deposits alongside bank cards, payment transactions, safety deposit boxes, commodities and other assets, cash transactions and payment documents, also providing further control and review.

EMPLOYEE BENEFIT FUNDS, The Hotel Association of New York City

Employee Benefit Funds, one of America’s largest unions, makes use of our complex solution. It is based on a number of sub-systems, automating the full cycle of operations with the union’s members from birth, education, children, and spouse, to finance, calculation of pensions, the 401K program, and so on. The solution ensures coordination between medical centers and hundreds of organizations that are all parts of the union. Our experts examined in detail all organizational processes and considered the peculiarities of American legislation and accountancy to provide the best solutions to hundreds of unique issues.

Solution for the largest water company in Russia

In an incredibly short timeframe we designed and implemented a solution for the largest water company in Russia. It supplies 10% of Russia with potable water. Our solution helped the company to rid itself of excessive routine paperwork (writing minutes, receiving bids and notification of bidders). At the same time, all important operations by the participants are signed with digital signatures, thus reducing paperwork and considerably increasing operational efficiency.

The largest Digital Marketplace operating with bankrupts property

The largest independent Digital Marketplace operating with bankrupts property. Today iTender-based system "Center of Realization" have run more than 25,000 tenders in the amount of $18 billion.

The “Managing Board Portal” solution

Together with our partner Sitronics, we have developed the “Managing Board Portal” solution for Sistema JSFC which increased the company’s planning efficiency, including the preparation and holding of meetings, and helped better control the execution of adopted decisions.

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