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E-procurement systems and
online auction software

Procurement, Reverse auction & Supplier
relationship management software

Custom Software Development

10+ years of experience in custom application
development and the creation of corporate products

Hotel procurement software

Transform your procurement into
a perfect mechanism with Fogsoft platform

SpareSync creates
failover system

When your IT infrastructure fails, SpareSync
will guarantee uninterrupted business

Our solutions are working in 12 countries, including the largest European bank, the largest trade union in New York and others
Realization of bankrupt’s property
Fogsoft has completed more than 100 projects implementing electronic auction systems and procurement software in various areas of business and industry
Realization of bankrupt’s property
Fogsoft is among the leading developers of procurement software in Russia since 2006 (eTendering, eAuctioning)
Realization of bankrupt’s property
Our solutions are used by small businesses with 30-employees as well as by large enterprises employing tens of thousands people
Realization of bankrupt’s property
Companies that use our products report that their costs decreased by 10% to 30% rapidly, and in some tenders they dropped by 40%
Realization of bankrupt’s property
Our solutions enhance the image of our clients, their companies become more efficient, open and innovative, increasing the business value
Realization of bankrupt’s property

Client testimonials

EMPLOYEE BENEFIT FUNDS. The hotel association of New York city

"... We are more than satisfied with our relationship with FogSoft and its development team and wholeheartedly recommend it as a professional organization that was able to understand all levels of a complicated unique business and develop and deliver a system that not only meets our current needs but will continue to grow as our business environment changes and evolves."

– Dr. Robert H. Greenspan, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

OJSC Moscow Heat Distribution Company

"OJSC Moscow Heat Distribution Company expresses its gratitude to Fogsoft for successful work on development and implementation of the electronic procurement system... As a result, OJSC Moscow Heat Distribution Company has a powerful hardware-software system allowing us to successfully solve the entire set of problems connected with trading procedures to meet the needs of our company."

– S.A. Kochin, Deputy Director General OJSC Moscow Heat Distribution Company

Baltic Digital Marketplace

"From the very beginning of our cooperation with Fogsoft we were convinced that we had made the right choice in the developer for the electronic auctions system. The company gave us a clear plan of action, a detailed "road map"... In addition, we received extremely good advice and lots of useful tips, beginning with the choice of the server and the place of its installation, and ending with the support service organization."

– I.N. Rusakova, Director General LLC Baltic Digital Marketplace

Our approach is to give more

We create software that works better than it was intended. Fogsoft started out in 2005 and the company has completed over 60 medium and large-scale projects with the implementation timeframe ranging from 3 months to 4 years. We have completed all of our projects successfully.

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